Materials & Specs

Product Make-Up


600x300 PVC Denier Polyester shown

Exterior Material Options

  • 70 Denier Nylon w/ interior PVC coating
  • 600 x 300 Denier Polyester, interior PVC laminate (.55mm) - waterproof  
  • 18oz. PVC coated Polyester  (Recommended for maximum durability) - waterproof

      * colors vary depending upon availability

  • PVC extendable/retractable Air Valve
  • Halkey-Roberts 320TET Twist Valve
  • 1" Nylon Webbing - resistant to acids and chemicals
  • 1" Ladderloc Buckles
  • Heavy-guage brass grommets
  • 2"-3" thick 2.0 lb Density Polyurethane Foam

Mack Pads w/ 18oz. PVC Polyester

SOLACE uses a variety of durable materials so that the products may be as resistant to the elements as they need to be.

The combination of the materials chosen to manufacture these products are a direct result of constant testing and re-testing.  This is a product made to be used and abused and it will continually offer a maximun amount of comfort when the time comes.  It is relatively puncture resistant and because of the use of PVC coated fabrics, it is waterproof as well.

SOLACE uses state-of-the-art production techniques that are environmentally friendly and efficient to ensure work of the highest quality.  The sealing process conducted is a method known as Radio Frequency (RF) sealing. 

RF technology is the best means by which these types of products can be assembled.  It affords a clean finish with no damage to the materials used and there are absolutely no hazardous emissions or toxins produced during the process.

Radio Frequency Sealer
Radio Frequency Sealer
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Custom Log Chair Pad

Pad versatility from SOLACE

  • Custom Log Chair pad (4"thick base & 2"thick back)
  • Truckbed pads get used as yoga mats
  • Rendezvous Ski Tours yurt bunks are supplied w/SOLACE pads
  • Pads for SUVs so owner's dogs don't "trash" the interior
  • Extra wide (Mack) fully waterproof pads to cover coolers on river trips
  • Mayor of Jackson, WY needed a durable/cleanable dog bed to help curb allergies
  • Base camps for elk outfitters
  • Pads for pick-up truck tailgates
  • Perfect for fishing trips w/support vehicles

Heavy duty dogbed
Creative Porch Lounger