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Exploring the Gros Ventre Mtn. Range via Dirtbikes

     SOLACE became the 'brainchild' of founder Robert Bacani in the spring of 1997 on a three week car-camping roadtrip.

     Fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, etc. throughout the '4 corners' states (UT, CO, NM and AZ), he thought taking two Thermarests and sleeping on them side-by-side in the tent would be plush...he was wrong.  Between the nylon of the tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pads, there was so much slipping and sliding taking place that the pads slid apart and R.B. found himself lying on the cold, hard ground...repeatedly.

     After waking up one too many mornings betwixt the pads on the unforgiving surface an epiphany set in, "fill the whole area with the pad so you will always be comfortable".

     Upon returning to Jackson, development began for the quest of total comfort.  The initial pad cut was a six-sided, 2" thick, wall-to-wall, plush piece of work.  It didn't quite have the professional finishing touches of a pad purchased in any camping store, but for what it lacked in looks it made up for tenfold in it's comfort value.

     Even though the pad was cut to fit a 2-person bivy tent, it was a bit too husky for backpacking.  However, it was perfect for going car camping or boat camping becuase packablilty was not an issue.

* Photo by Jeff Diener
Car Camping in the Tetons


From that point on, if camping was taking place and there was a support vehicle involved not only was the 'kitchen sink' coming along but so was the 'bedroom bed'!!!

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